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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty straight forward:

We will always keep the private data you submit to Architectuul to the strict minimum. As part of the registration to our site we require a user name, a valid e-mail address and a password. You can choose what other personal information you provide as part of your profile.

You can request the deletion of private data you submitted to Architectuul at any time by e-mail.

Under no circumstances will Architectuul disclose your private data, especially your e-mail address, to any third party unless you agree or Architectuul is forced to do so by law.

All your contributions to Architectuul in form of texts, pictures and comments on architects and architecture are public. This content is always published together with your user account. Please do not provide your real name and create an anonymous user account if you don’t want to disclose your identity.

Architectuul may use cookies to collect information in order to improve the quality of its service. Most browsers have a cookie recognition turned on by default. However, you can choose to disable it in your browser preferences.

Like many other web services, we collect user data including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user’s computer, the referring URL and the browser type. We use this data for statistical purposes and to improve the site’s quality and performance. Although we may share non-identifying information with third parties in this context, we will never disclose your personal information.