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Private House of Civil Engineer Antanas Jokimas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The villa-type one-story private house with an attic was built in 1925 for the civil engineer Antanas Jokimas. Although Antanas Jokimas himself was a civil engineer and designed buildings of various functions in Kaunas at that time, another engineer Jonas Andriūnas designed his private house. The part of the city where the building was built, was designed in the 1920s based on the idea of a city-garden. Therefore, this house was built away from the street and stands on a spacious plot, surrounded by greenery. The specific appearance of the building was determined by the search for a unique "national style" in Lithuanian architecture in the 1920s, which was often based on baroque stylistics. Therefore, the exterior of this house also features elements characteristic of baroque architecture: a broken-shaped roof and pediment, volutes, and double-hung windows, which are often found in church architecture. This is one of the most unique looking houses in Kaunas, the exterior of which has the features of "national style".

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