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Reconstruction of Thermoelektric Power Station Snaga I Svetlost

Belgrade, Serbia
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Industrial buildings, in time, were given a certain significance as a cultural good. Old power plant building "Snaga i svetlost" (1932), is considered to be of great importance for Belgrade's architectural and cultural heritage. The whole complex of factory buildings leaves a profound impact on the viewer. Iva Cukic's graduation project of reconstruction and revitalization of thermal power plant "Snaga i svetlost" brings a new content of Cultural Center of Belgrade for the building.

Basic concept was to revitalize neglected urban space. She took advantage of it's potential, designing the new space and facilities that would contribute to the cultural identity of the city. The new Cultural Center would be a place for expositions, concerts, lectures, theatrical plays and movie programs either within the building or outside. It includes art galleries, cinemas, theatre, multifunctional halls, cafes and bookstores. The center is designed to be dynamic cultural institution where a lot of ideas, themes and forms get into interaction. Adaptation and proper purpose of this buildings can make it into a special place in the cultural life of the city.

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bostjan, January 17th, 2018
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