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Montreuil, France
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The industrial building Mozinor (contraction of "Montreuil Industrial Zone North") has been designed and built in the early 1970s by architects Claude Le Goas and J.-P. Bertrand.This vertical industrial city offers 42,000 m2 of business premises, a panoramic terrace and in the original project a restaurant business (said lot 38), which after a time turned into a nightclub, now houses the artists' studios. The 38 lots are on average 6.30 meter high ceiling and an area of 100 to 2700 square meters. The current building was the first phase (called Mozinor 1) a project on a larger scale (several hundred meters long) to reindustrialise tray Montreuil.Located near a stretch of highway unfinished, the A1861, Mozinor has a very good road access. It is also a remarkable feature: a central dual ramp allows for very large aircraft access to the roof of the building.Designed from a traditional reinforced concrete frame, the trade journal Modern Construction welcomes 1977 "this impressive building, whose style fits harmoniously into the urban environnant"

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gemazzz, April 8th, 2013
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