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Alvega Canoeing Center

Alvega, Portugal
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With the same area and volume of the previous building, the new Canoeing Center is also located at the river beach of Alvega. Its proximity to the Tagus river, in a regularly flooded area during the winter, determined its position, raised above ground level - increasing the ground permeability -, and the coating of its walls, with a solution of black recycled plastic profiles, able to resist the impact of objects that might be dragged by the river, being permeable to the water flow simultaneously. Internally divided into three bodies, which may have different management, the volume is composed by a cafeteria, a boat storage area and changing cabins. The terrace, barbecue area and staircase, potentially usable as an outdoor amphitheater, are intended for public use.

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bostjan, December 12th, 2019
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