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Predrag Cagic

Belgrade, Serbia
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Predrag Cagic is a Serbian architect born in Belgrade in 1941. He studied and graduated in 1963 in Faculty of Architecture of the Belgrade University (Stanko Kliska and Uros Martinovic studio). In the same year, he was employed in the Institute for Architecture and Spatial Planning of Serbia, while in 1969 he went from the Institute to the Faculty he graduated from and in 1989 became a professor at the Department od Architecture, where he worked until 2006. He is engaged in designing, pedagogic and research work. In the period 1963-1977, he was primarily dedicated to architectural and urban planning problem area in housing construction of that time, when he dedicated himself to the problem area of redevelopment and revitalization of town centers introducing pedestrian zones in the tissue of architectural heritage.

He is an author of a great number of the designed and realized structures and complexes, including numerous of individual facilities , projects of large new city entities, and reconstruction of the central city zones, located in the Belgrade, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Pancevo, Kikinda, Vrsac, Apatin, Pozarevac, Smederevo, Ljubljana, Osijek,Trepca, etc. Prof. Cagic participated in over 25 Yugoslav, republic and international competitions, alone or within a team, and was awarded many first, second and third prizes. He published 8 monographic studies related to architectural and urban planning as well as to the process of monitoring realization. He was awarded by meny professional, social and foreign awards, including two October Awards of the City of Belgrade, the "Borba" Federal Award for Architecture, the Grand Award for Architecture of the Serbian Union of Architects, the prize of the Supreme Council of Warsaw City and numerous highest prizes at international, national and regional selections to professional competitions for architectural-city planning solutions in the country and abroad.

His most important realized works The "Julino brdo" residential settlement in Belgrade (with B. Jovanovic and M. Lojanica), 1967-71; First prize in the International competition for the Goclav housing area in Warsaw, for 100.000 inhabitants (with B. Jovanovic and M. Lojanica), 1972 Residential block in Radiceva Street, Osijek, Croatia (with M. Lojanica and P. Cagic), 1969-74; Residential block "Liman III", (with M. Lojanica, B. Jovanovic and M. Dimitrijevic), 1972-75; Command of JNA and hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia, (with B. Jovanovic and M. Lojanica) 1973-75; The Reconstruction of the Valjevo city centar and City Square in Karadordeva Street (with M. Lojanica, B. Jovanovic , R. Maric, M. Bozanic and B. Krkovic) 1971-80; The "Block 19A" residential settlement in New Belgrade(with M. Lojanica, B. Jovanovic and R. Maric), 1976-82; The Reconstruction of the urban core of Kikinda with a Pedestrian Zone and realizations of the newly designed objects "Mikronaselje", block "Galacka" and the ZOIL building (with B. Jovanovic) 1977-92; The Reconstruction of the Pozarevac central zone with pedestrian zone and realizations of the newly designed objects on the Square of M. Pavlovic-Barili, in Stari Korzo Street and in Sindelicevaj Street , 1988-2005; The Reconstruction of the Smederevo central zone with pedestrian zone and realizations of the newly designed objects TC "Nadvoznjak" and commercial and residential building "Danubius", 1994-95; Pedestrian Zone in the center of Vrsac - The Sava Kovacevic Square, 1997-2000; The Reconstruction of the Hercegovacka street in the center of Podgorica, Montenegro, 1998-2000; Residential and commercial building in Takovska Street, Belgrade, 1992-2004; Residential block between Esad Pasina Street and Kralja Vladimira Street, Belgrade, 2000-2005; The reconstruction of part of the Apatin central zone with pedestrian zone (with M. Ciric) 2002-2008; Residential and commercial building in Branka Krsmanovica Street, Belgrade, 2005-2007; The reconstruction of part of Vrsac pedestrian zone (with M. Ciric) 2006-

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Belgrade, Serbia
mariathuroczy, May 4th, 2014
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