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Voyage en Eurotopie, 2018 © Philippe Braquenier

Eurotopie is a sanctuary where citizens are building the new Europe.

Here is a sanctuary where citizens are building the new Europe. It is vast enough to gather crowds, secluded enough to embrace the lonely steps of those who seek answers. It can be explored from top to bottom, left to right and diagonally. The light is opalescent. Its intensity varies following the seasons. The floor is ultramarine blue. It reflects onto the walls and colours the space. It is consensual. It is a relic. The masonry walls are painted white. The space is cross shaped. The ground rises, dips, and rises again. Movement recomposes a dodecaphonic ode throughout the space. Citizens listen to other citizens speaking of Europe's legacy and of another Europe yet to be. This space is a pavilion, this space is a sanctuary, this space is a place. This space is one of those in which secrets can be whispered. Citizens are free. Here, Eurotopie is under construction. This is your Europe. Welcome to Eurotopie.

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traumnovelleeu, January 24th, 2019
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