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Sonja Dragovic

Podgorica, Montenegro
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Sonja Dragovic is a researcher in the fields of urban studies and critical geography. She obtained a joint master's degree in urban studies in 2015 within the interdisciplinary program 4Cities, which consisted of four semesters of study and practice in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid. Prior to this, she earned a bachelor's degree in economics. Her main interests include analyzing practices of urban activism and working with local communities towards improving participatory methods, public policies, and shared spaces. She is a member of KANA/Who if not an Architect, a group of architects and urban researchers dedicated to the preservation of modernist architectural heritage and to the study of policy and practice of contemporary urban development in Montenegro. She's currently active in Podgorica, Montenegro and Lisbon, Portugal.

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Podgorica, Montenegro
sonjadragovic, August 26th, 2021
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