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New Hospital in Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra, Albania
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The Hospital of Gjirokastra is another important object designed by Kristo Skender Luarasi built at the end of the '40-th. It is located at the edge city with a dynamic volume creating a L shape.

Rooms are organized linearly through a biased corridor which allows lighting on both sides of the object as well as the transverse aeration. The functional solution is treated as an aesthetic advantage in designing volume and in the dynamic facade. The three L-nodes are highlighted in the facade creating a fracture in the volume. These fractures define a connection with the context referring to the tower scale. In the secondary node of L there is redefined an arcade. This arcade then return to the facade plan continuing along the whole length of the building. The facade is articulated with loggia and windows creating a layered effect and sculptural materialized out of the game with light-shadow. Also, the lodges and motivation windows brings our viw to the face of the city hill.

This quality of the details emerges more where tablets of ceramic are combined with plaster and stones, and windows frames interrupt the horizontal facade ornamentation.

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lacuna, October 3rd, 2014
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