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Maks Velo

Tirana, Albania
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Architect, artist, sculptor and writer, born in 1935 in Paris, France. He conducted his studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Tirana, in the Department of Civil Engineering where he graduated in 1957. Maks Velo worked for several years in the national public institute where he participated in several different projects in Tirana such as: Hotels, schools, villas, theaters and parks.

In 1978 he was imprisoned for eight years by Albania's Communist regime for his 'modernist tendencies'.

After the '90 he published several books and photographic albums focusing in poetry, novels, articles on folkloric art and social realism, and his memoirs. He was invited to exhibit and lecture at various international institutions such as: the Faculty of Arts in Minneapolis, United States (1994), The Art Academy in Poznan, Zelona, Goran (1997), Torun (1999), Poland, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (2003), Saint Peterburg (2006), la Sapienza, rome (2008) ect.

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Tirana, Albania
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