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Hotel Tourism in Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra, Albania
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Hotel Tourism is built during the communist regime. It is located near the old Bazaar of Gjirokastra in a very steep terrain.

It has a facade 50 meters long articulated with lodges, balcony on the second floor with big openings of large glass in it. Vertical articulation of the hotel's facade establish a dialogue with the break terrain of the hill. The whole volume and the entrances along the stone facade (total of four entrances, two on the main facade and two in the secondary one), are organized asymmetrically to create movement along the frontage facade. The eastern facade assembled with the along the framework of the roof console create a little break to allow the view of the Castle Clock Tower.

The hotel is a modern building that creates the impression of being always there creating a good synergy with the place.

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lge77, September 23rd, 2014
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