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Hotel Tirana

Tirana, Albania
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Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre is a "15 storey" built in '60s. It is located right in the city center - next to Tirana Municipality, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport, Bank of Albania, National Museum, Opera House and Art Gallery.

During the communist regime, when the city was dominated by small houses, the building could be seen from far away and remained the highest building ever built in Albania for many years.

Tirana Hotel is built with prefabricated reinforced concrete panels with ice-white marble on its facade. During the '80s the Hotel became a point of meeting for important people and especially Political Bureau members. For this reason they had provided the building with secret underground escape ways, not in case of fire ( as we might think), but for emergency exit in case of physical threat of important people which was a matter of extreme concern at the period of communist dictatorship in Albania.

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krazin, October 3rd, 2014
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