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Living in Alpine Village

Bohinjsko Jezero, Slovenia
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The House in the protected Alpine village of Stara Fuzina is located in the Triglav National Park and addresses the traditional environment with author's interpretation of characteristic local details. Standing elegant on a steep hillside the house, by its attractively oriented position, catches spectacular and commanding views across the topographically diverse glacial valley.

A special attention has been focused on jutting roofs, that are visible on account of their slenderness. The gutters have preserved the traditional motif of wooden gutters laid on wooden eave hooks. The motif is abstracted and transferred into galvanized metal sheet.The wood used for structural and furniture applications on and in the house is native larch, oiled or waxed. The stone used is local building stone.

The ground-plan of the house is small but made good use of space. The conception allows for future adjustments to suit the needs of existing residents.

In spite of its different conception of details, pure lines, absence of merely decorative use of wood, large glass surfaces and visible concrete inside the house, it seems that this house has stood in its place since old times.

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ebitom, May 3rd, 2016
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