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Hotel Pino Nature

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Sarajevo, a longitudinal city hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. In addition to the cult of cafes, omnipresent in the public space, there is also a tradition of recreation on the surrounding mountains. Pino Hotel is located on the slopes of the Trebevic Mountain at 1070 m above sea level, built on the ruins of the favorite Sarajevo resort - Prvi Sumar. In a composite way, the Pino Hotel consists of a primary horizontal cube where public spaces and vertical cubes are located - a tower containing exclusively guest rooms.

The building on the mountain requires adaptation to climatic and spatial circumstances. Lessons from the local vernacular architectural language were a key inspiration in the formation of the outer face of the building. Steep spikes on the facade are interpretations of roofs of village houses and silhouettes of pines. The main volume rests on a stone-based base - quoting again the tradition and tripartite division of the composition of the building - the legs / body / head - stone / wood / glass. Wooden shingles from our previous experiences have proven to be sustainable, durable and economical cover material on the mountain.

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bostjan, November 20th, 2018
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