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Bovec House

Bovec, Slovenia
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The famous Bovec house that dominates the valleys of upper Posocje is typologically a unique system of living. Abiro converted and adjusted this piece of nature, this organism, to the modern culture of living of people who no longer need a stable in the base and hay in the loft anymore. The whole house is made of wood and was erected on the site of a stone building destroyed in a catastrophic earthquake. This substitution of the material, which was required by the post-rehabilitation and reconstruction company, proved to be very effective. Abiro donated the construction blueprints to the people that survived the earthquake. The house has elements of the traditional Bovec architecture and has several staircase flights that connect the house spaces and enable their circulation. The house which is traditionally based on balcony-like porch with an open staircase, descends towards the ground and opens towards the garden in the same way as it formerly did towards the back yard and the stable.

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bostjan, April 15th, 2014
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