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All-Black House

Wojnowko, Poland
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The house is located in the village, near the lake and the forest. The unique character of this place is created by many birch trees growing on the plot. The main goal was to place the design of the house in the space between the trees, while adjusting the maximum exposure to the sun. Internal spaces are organized accordingly, brightly and naturally lit. The scheme is designed partly as a single-storey bungalow and partly as a two-storey building, with its height dependent on its function and position on the plot. The lower level contains the entrance, a bathroom, a utility room, and primary living accommodation, while above, a loggia offers panoramic views of the surrounding fields and woods. The part of the house located on the west side - which is situated closer to the forest - includes the bedroom, bathroom, closet, pantry and the kitchen, which opens onto the dinning room. The uniform facade and the pitched roof were dressed in black thermowood. The whole house opens with the large glazed and terrace to the south side of the plot, exposing a view of the trees.

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tezarchitekci, January 24th, 2017
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