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Studio Mumbai

Mumbai, India
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Bijoy Jain

Studio Mumbai operate in Mumbai, India, they follow a design and construction philosophy that embraces local vernacular and traditional craftsmanship.

Founded by Bijoy Jain, Studio Mumbai is a human infrastructure of skilled craftsmen and architects who design and build the work directly. Gathered through time, this group shares an environment created from an iterative process, where ideas are explored through the production of large-scale mock-ups, models, material studies, sketches and drawings. Here projects are developed through careful consideration of place and a practice that draws from traditional skills, local building techniques, materials, and an ingenuity arising from limited resources. The essence of their work lies in the relationship between land and architecture, it requires coming to terms with the presence of the environment through the succession of seasons.

Inspired by real life conditions, they observe the complexity of relationships within each project without any assumption or prejudice. They attempt to remain intuitive, and look for a space to initiate a dialogue. The endeavor is to show the genuine possibility in creating buildings that emerge through a process of collective dialog, a face-to-face sharing of knowledge through imagination, intimacy, and modesty.

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Mumbai, India
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aleeshacallahan, May 2nd, 2017
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