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The competition encouraged the questioning of three meaningful ideas in the city's tradition of public space: the idea of park; the idea of waterfront; and the idea of Lisbon's East District. The proposal understands the idea of park as mediation with diffuse limits between land and water. The potential dialogue with River Tagus is of strategic value also because it embraces the historic city on the West with the new urban fabric to the East. Instead of a fixed masterplan, we proposed a dynamic landscape plan that can take a myriad of forms depending on how the different defined typologies are arranged transversally and longitudinally, thus responding effectively to the distinct stakeholders as well as participatory processes along the way.

The four main landscape typologies are also the topographies which resolve the overlap of the two main directions-longitudinal and transversal-and build relationships between the horizontal and the vertical planes and also the landforms with slopes facing land or water.

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bostjan, June 20th, 2016
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