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La Semeuse is a platform for the exchange of seeds and plants, knowledge and techniques related to the ecological urban gardening. Initiated by Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, a cultural institution for art and research, and located in the institution's courtyard, La Semeuse is a place for the people of Aubervilliers to share their seeds, plants and knowledge. Aubervilliers, a multicultural suburb of Paris, is experiencing the pressure of development and gentrification. La Semeuse raises awareness and poses questions about multiculturalism, as represented by biodiversity, and about the sustainability of Aubervilliers. It serves as a bridge between residents and the municipality, which has identified small-scale unused green spaces as potential community gardens. La Semeuse is a monument to multicultural Aubervilliers, to its identity as a city of gardens and to the resilience of those who live there.

An act such as gardening has an intrinsic connection to social values and theoretical and artistic reflections about the future of living things in cities and the collective actions that these reflections engender. Through gardening, La Semeuse aims to involve everyone so that any action in an urban space will be perceived as a decision to appropriate the land, a decision that has serious repercussions.

La Semeuse is setting in motion a reflection on the role of living things in our modern societies. It is an organic project, one that creates ties between humans and their environment, so that together we can imagine a more sustainable future in the context of urban development.

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bostjan, December 2nd, 2014
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