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Marjetica Potrc

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Marjetica Potrc is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Marjetica's work focuses on resilient habitat in spaces of across world-wide geography. She has worked in informal cites that arise as a result of the overflowing growth of the great urban centers. In this sense, her work offers a record of projects that aim to give testimony of comunity-based solutions in organization and managment of contemporary city.


Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas, including in such major exhibitions as the Venice Biennial (1993, 2003, 2009), the Sao Paulo Biennial (1996, 2006, 2020), and Skulptur: Projekte in Munster, Germany (1997).

Her work is regularly shown at the Galerie Nordenhake in Berlin and Stockholm since 2003. Among her important exhibitions are shows at the Guggenheim Museum in New York (2001), the List Visual Arts Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2004), the De Appel Foundation for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam (2004), the Portikus Gallery in Frankfurt am Main (2006), The Curve at the Barbican Art Galleries in London (2007), the Max Protetch Gallery in New York (2008), the Nicolas Krupp Contemporary Art in Basel (2012), the PAMM Perez Art Museum Miami (2015), and the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum for Contemporary Art Berlin (2013, 2018).

Marjetica's on-site projects include Dry Toilet (Caracas, 2003), Power from Nature (Barefoot College, India, and Catherine Ferguson Academy, Detroit, 2005), The Cook, the Farmer, His Wife and Their Neighbour (Stedelijk goes West, Amsterdam, 2009), Between the Waters: The Emscher Community Garden (Emscherkunst.2010, Essen, 2010), Theatre Evolutif (Evento 2011, Bordeaux, 2011), The Soweto Project (9UB, Soweto, SA, 2014), and Of Soil and Water: King's Cross Pond Club (Relay Art Program, King's Cross, London, 2015).


She was a professor of social practice at the University of Fine Arts/HFBK in Hamburg, where she taught Design for the Living World, a class on participatory practices. Beside this she he has also been a visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2005) and the IUAV Faculty of Arts and Design in Venice (2008, 2010).


Marjetica received numerous awards and grants, among them the Hugo Boss Prize (2000), administered by the Guggenheim Museum, and the Vera List Center for Arts and Politics Fellowship at The New School in New York (2007).

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
bostjan, May 23rd, 2022
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