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Bandirma Experience Park

Balikesir, Turkey
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Although physically separated from the rest of the city, the project area that can be read from many points of the city due to its high altitude. It also witnesses the transformation of the city while carrying traces from the past. It is now time for an urban transformation for Bandirma.
The site qualities such as; the clear vista towards the sea, the domination of the city, the unique local flora and most importantly the buildings which witnessed the history take gives us designers a huge responsibility. The main problem is the lack of connection between the industrial harbor and the city center. The new city that aims to grow around the project area... For the city, for the citizens, needs and requirements... And also a meeting point for this region.As weknow, the only planned interventions to the project area, are not limited to architectural buildings. The construction is going to extend to the entire city and touch other citizens life's. On the contrary, citizens should not only come to experience the functions, but rather, coming to this area must be an experience in itself. Seeing the past as is, walking within, touching, following the traces, diving into dreams with tips that one finds... Seeing nature takeover , not concerving the past, but rather presenting it. How we feel today, as we would in the future. Witnessing the transformation of history. The new layer is the design institute that calls, experiences and produces the education, creation, design and various approaches...
Continuously dynamic and in flow. Impossible to constraint between walls, wanting to flow into open spaces. There must be large volumes, and gaps. Passages, tunnels... North only to bypass, but also to read city and volumes. For this reason, the circulation throughout the project area is up in the air, in glass tubes.Passing from one place to another, from one function to theother by seeing the urban landscape and the sea, through the history and nature. Also, the bearing structures, like the debarked ships bodies, steel, rusty. All in different shapes, parallel to each other, to the sea and to the wind. Between the structures, the functional hubs and circulation tubes connecting the institute with itself, and with other volumes.We see these curves as the branches of the ivy. Starting from the functional hubs and scattering to the city just like the unique fingerprints, via the green paths which over the train line or cable car line. In the future, new paths or in other words new branches are going to flourish which will integrate to the city. That is when the project will reach its main goal.In this design; the professor, the mother and the child meet in the same corridor and all three look at the study of the institute in the garden. The businessman in the hotel room also looks in the same direction, because it attracts attention, even if he has no clue of what's going on. This the intended experience; to remove the boundaries between spaces and functions. In fact, to remove the boundaries with the rest of the city.Inviting, surprising, moving and variable, at the same time fluid and not fitting the boundaries... Most importantly, inspiring to new designs, new functions and new spaces.Going to Bandirma Park just for the experience will be a good idea...

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oneyarchitecture, May 3rd, 2017
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