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Kidricevo Kindergarten

Kidricevo, Slovenia
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Kidricevo kindergarten is situated on a flat terrain near a residential area of a small town. It was designed to create new public and half-public spaces near an already existing school. The concept of kindergarten's building is based on a context of the location and on needs of the town's community. The kindergarten building is divided into three sections that form two semi-open courtyards lined with trees. Each wing of the building is designed differently in order to provide spaces for different activities. Two wings are dedicated to spaces for groups of different ages and are connected through a transparent space. The first wing is divided into three units, the second one into six units and the third one is devoted to administration, kitchen and school canteen. The interior of sections used by kids is interactive to stimulate learning and thinking. The number of rooms can also be changed depending on usage.

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lovro, May 6th, 2018
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