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Porto Cristo, Spain
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Transformation of squash court in a leisure area for children from a hotel in Majorca, there incorporating a traditional toy concept: the Kaleidoscope. An element there have played multiple generations by observing their optical effects,and decided to build a large scale, so that children can interact with them. Variables such as external elements, natural light and the children on the move generated a set of effects of light and reflections, so there are modifying the space and creating multiple worlds where children are inside.

The sobriety of the ancient track of squash from rational and neutral hub, is altered by a large element that passes through all the space: the Kaleidoscope, whose hexagonal section of 9 meters in length and 2 meters high, allows children walk inside and interact with all the space, forming part of the own kaleidoscopic effect perceiving a strange sensation of weightlessness on the outdoor park which is oriented.

The main instance that wraps the Kaleidoscope is characterized by its pink hue, color whose relaxed excitement power feelings, making it another element for the creation of this dream-like space that is generated. All of this was helped by a random pattern of white circles of different sizes, which are home to various applications such as lighting, storage, slates, caches, entries to other spaces. The rest of rooms additional such as bath, staircase, the magic room, the Periscope, the mezzanine... respond to various sensory experiences playing with spaces, colours, reflections, textures and fluorescences. Treated as individual projects, each one of these places still its own language different from the rest of the set, but keeping the common idea of the world of dreams.

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a2arquitectos, July 17th, 2017
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