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Integrated Urban Regeneration Savsko Naselje

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Integrated urban regeneration by building a local community took place in Savsko naselje, which is one of the first neighbourhoods constructed in Ljubljana after WW2. In the past few decades, the neighbourhood regressed in social, spatial and economic sense. Its public space was decaying, there was no sense of community, crime rate was increasing, central municipal services have moved out of the neighbourhood, and the age and social structure of the residents had changed.

In 2013 an Integrated Urban Regeneration project in Savsko naselje was initiated by Department of Urban Planning of Municipality of Ljubljana. It was based on the inclusion of local residents and linking together of different organizations. Through organized and spontaneous community meetings we formed a programme for regeneration on several levels: social and cultural activities, sports, informal socialising, bottom-up spatial planning and a traffic plan for the neighbourhood. Prostoroz provided a space for public debate where each resident was able to participate in discussion on topics that interest him/her. In two years' time, several experts, municipal institutions and NGOs have joined the process. Integrated Urban Regeneration focuses as much on community as it does on space. Through several smaller projects and events, in collaboration with three other associations, they empowered local residents with revitalization of public space.

Projects included in Savsko naselje regeneration: Savsko Courtyard, Savcan local newspaper, The Vision of Neighbourhood's Public Space, open air events, Super Hill, Library of THINGS, social gatherings and activities at the Community centre, urban gardens, student workshops, participation at Bio50 exhibition and making of proposals for decision-makers.

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bostjan, June 22nd, 2018
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