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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The green banks of Ljubljanica river east of city centre are punctuated by several concrete platforms that enable water access for fire-fighters in case of fire. They were closed off to the public and completely neglected before the intervention. The focus was on three platforms that run along a popular commuting road from nearby neighbourhoods to the city centre.

The aim of the intervention was to show that the platforms are public. The hidden gems of public space offers tranquillity and an intimate connection with the abundance of flora and fauna on Ljubljanica riverbanks. ProstoRoz wanted to change the perception of platforms as unnecessary and dirty.

With a micro budget and in collaboration with Slovenian street artist Lo Milo they created large, abstract patterns that visually flattened the steep incline of the stairs leading from the street to the platform. This permanent intervention was accompanied by a one-day opening event where we used urban furniture to create three different ambients and suggested new possibilities of use: a starting point for kayaking, a beach concert venue, and a spot for a romantic date.

The intervention was designed as a search for beauty in something strictly utilitarian. The unique visual language of Oases gave a playful, colourful identity to the eastern riverbanks. A big change occurred: residents and visitors started to perceive tiny platforms as something very valuable that enables them to use the green riverbanks and connects them to the river.

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lenah, April 23rd, 2018
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