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Sustainable Urban Regeneration Idrija

Idrija, Slovenia
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Sustainable urban regeneration is a set of coordinated activities in a selected urban area involving different stakeholder groups with the aim of improving the urban environment and quality of living. The project was carried out in the Municipality of Idrija. It included a regeneration pilot project of a selected area, encouraging the collaboration among municipality departments, and a training for local officials. It supported citizen involvement and provided the municipality with an action plan for long-term support and communication with the citizens.

Idrija is a town with approximately 8,000 inhabitants. Its complex topography and numerous sites of cultural heritage represent a unique challenge for urban regeneration. The project aimed to regenerate a part of Idrija's public space in order to assure a long-term vision for improving the quality of life in this town.

Together with residents, prostoRoz worked in the selected area of Idrija to determine how they use their public space, what they require from it and how it can be restored or improved. Drawing from residents response and a spatial analysis, they designed a series of urban furniture for Arkova street that runs through the entire selected area.

All the furniture was built on site with the help of residents. By the end of two test months, they organised a meeting with residents to evaluate the urban furniture. In addition, they presented a conceptual design of Integrated renovation of public spaces in the area. The interventions helped to establish a dialogue between residents and the municipality about activities that could further improve the quality of life in the area.

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lenah, April 23rd, 2018
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