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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Domen Grogl, Tina Cotic, Bostjan Bugaric

KUD C3 is a platform for research and exploration of contemporary urban trends in public space. It combines the creative efforts of various artists and researchers engaging in the analysis of space through audio and visual presentations using the media of architecture, music, film and photography. During the work process the basic idea is translated into each of these media, always in close association with the selected urban site.

Through C3 projects selected urban sites are rediscovered, their contents are constructed upon the reinterpretation and discovery of invisible tracks left behind by social changes. The group is searching for spaces that pose questions, they represent the basis for imagining the reorganization of their contents in terms of values. May the space itself be neglected, centrally located or peripheral, it always represents the foundation upon which an integrated story is conceived.

KUD C3 has focused on various spatial and social changes and presented them to the public through various media (performing arts, actions in public space, spatial installations, visual arts...). The activities of the group focus on visual artistic presentations: models, theoretical basis of recording and understanding architecture and urban planning, documenting social change, photographic presentations, multimedia exhibitions, conferences and lectures by speakers with various fields of expertise associated with communities, space and various forms of Public Art. An important element of KUD C3 activity is the formation of a link between various types of public and their inclusion into projects, which helps to improve urban dwellers' understanding of their rights and urban relationships. In this manner, possibilities of communication emerge in presentation spaces, which represent the fundamental step in the construction of any community, neighborhood and the city.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
bostjan, July 6th, 2017
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