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The architectural design develops categories with positive psychological effects and those of the ambient. As a home for persons in their final stage of life, Hospic bears witness to the more serious aspects of life, failing health and the departure most of the time. This is why the possibility of identifying with one's environment is so crucial along with the feeling of security. For an ambient to feel comforting, the acoustic dimension is very important, together with tactility, calmness, colour, and lighting. Sterility as well as excessive silence and excessive noise are to be avoided. The house is intended to offer an ambience and serve as the backdrop to life and to being connected with the surroundings and the nature.

Towards the south, the site along the Hradeckega Road is confined by the slope of the hill Golovec while a view of the city and the Kamnik Alps opens towards the north. The new building leans against the hill slope with its terraced retaining wall and terraces. The ground floor is reserved for management and training, and there are rooms on the first and second floor. Proven materials and shapes were opted for and used in a contemporary, well thought-out way. The design is compact and developed around the central vertical core. The design of the facade is inspired by the chessboard pattern with light- and dark-coloured ceramic squares and evenly distributed window openings. The railing, together with the ground-floor entrance canopy, adheres to the street line. On the side of the building, there is a yard with parking spaces and the path to the park.

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2014
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