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The Black Barn

Sentrupert, Slovenia
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The property is situated on the edge of a small village on top of a hill, and consists of farm land, forest, residential building, barn house, apiary and wooden pavilion used as a tool shack. The owner of the Black Barn is a successful Slovenian businessman who spends some of his spare time in the countryside.

The Barn

The client decided to replace the broken-down barn house with a new, multi-functional building, a sort of modern Slovenian hayrack. The building is intended for dispensing honey, sorting, handling and drying fruit, storage of crops and tools, while the spacious ground floor is intended as a meeting place to host partners from abroad and celebrate family events. Although the client's idea of a modern hayrack which would function both as a barn house and prominent protocol house seemed controversial at first, however, the idea revealed a great archetypal and development potential, which is inherent in the architecture of a hayrack in Slovenian cultural awareness.

The Construction

The construction basis is similar to that of the double hayrack with stone corner pillars. The corners of the new building feature four strong corner pillar structures, with a 12 meter bridge construction placed in between, thus allowing large unified spaces on the ground floor and in the attic.

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annaturina, May 6th, 2018
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