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Zurich, Switzerland
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F.A.T. stands for forum for architecture theory. It is a horizontal teaching-learning program based on an open debate about fundamental topics concerning architecture. Its purpose is to allow emerging architects to define their own position through confrontation. It focuses on a specific topic each semester and takes place once a month as a round-table discussion. The participants are requested to submit text of crucial relevance for the semester topic. Texts may vary in nature: articles, essays, excerpts, scientific papers, poetry. A bibliography must always be provided. A selection of the submitted texts will be chosen as a basis for the upcoming session and will be posted on the dedicated social network two weeks in advance. The sessions are open to anyone interested in architecture and are held in english.

F.A.T. is a form of activism. Its aim is to spread and sharpen critical consciousness, conquering the space of action in spite of sheer reaction to the market expectations. F.A.T. it's against professionalism on both ways. It aims to bridge the gap between theory and praxis. F.A.T's aim is to reach the essence of the topics we are investigating in order to build a toolset. F.A.T. work as stress test for ideas. We try to find weaknesses and points of validity of each subject. F.A.T. starts where normally lecture ends and empowers young architects to critically react to the input. F.A.T. works with texts in order to provide us a more abstract ground of discussions. It allows us to overcome the image-driven society we live in for deeper research F.A.T. generates a digital archive, where the selected texts and materials are online and available.

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bostjan, March 7th, 2019
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