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Cylinder Homes

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This is a design for prefabricated housing elaborated by the Swiss artist and painter Guy Dessauges in the 1960s. from the vaults of ancient caves and Roman art, the concept has remained mis-path. A half circle. The roof is resistant to pressures much larger than the flat ceiling. For the same quality materials. He wondered why, he could not use the cylinder to build a home. The only problem was the cylinder diameter. He had to have a diameter large enough to install two floors.

The idea crystallized in ten minutes. He built a model and characters wide. Both formats have emerged fairly quickly. The diameter of 6 meters and the 8 meters. These two diameters suitable for a human being 180 cm. By manufacturing many models he was thinking the advantages and disadvantages of the cylindrical shape. he discovered pretty quickly that he should consider the benefits. Another advantage if he turned the cylinder itself, the whistle gave shade to the front. In a jiffy, he had several solutions. A model for the North and one for the south! This gave him the length of the cylinder for optimal light to the bottom of the cylinder. The rear where there was the kitchen and the entrance remained cut at right angles. Once completed the first model he realized that his idea was the brainchild of engineer, not an artist an idea! he thought it was an advantage to make a prototype.

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