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Renovation Praz De Fort

Praz De Fort, Switzerland
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Built in the second half of the 19th century, the barn was originally situated at the entrance to the village in the Val d'Entremont. As part of the conversion process, it was first dismantled and then rebuilt a few kilometres away. An independent structure and an internal skin were constructed inside the envelope formed by the old barn. As the only existent openings were doors that gave access to the different balconies, these were retained and glazed. Additional new openings was minimised to avoid detracting from the character of the barn while making it more comfortable. The new openings were positioned in such a way as to create a relationship either with the natural surroundings outside or with the original envelope, depending on the position. The base, which has been reconstructed in exposed concrete, recalls the stone used for the original base. The new internal skin of the barn consists of oak panels, with the spaces in the base providing a contrast through the use of materials that recall the external stone.

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bostjan, March 14th, 2017
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