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Pius Church

Meggen, Switzerland
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The 28mm thick Pantelikom marble from Athens filters the daylight and illuminates the space evenly.

The Pius Church in Meggen is a Roman Catholic parish church. It was built between 1961 and 1966 according to plans by the Swiss architect Franz Fueg. On June 26, 1966, the Basel bishop Franziskus von Streng consecrated the church. The church is listed in the Swiss list of cultural assets as a cultural object of national importance.

In addition to a 13 meters high cube, which was designed with a grid size of 1.68 × 1.68 m, stands the 40-meter-high bell tower. The church building is characterised by the fact that it has no windows - the outer walls between the steel supports consist of 888 slabs of Greek marble with a thickness of 28 mm, which are translucent and thus illuminate the interior. From the outside the building looks pale white to bluish, inside the color impression of the light is ocher yellow to bright orange, whereby the respective outside light conditions play a role for the different color impression.

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bostjan, February 12th, 2021
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