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Corporate Headquarters Fenster Keller Neuenstein

Neunstein, Germany
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The FKN's headquarters expansion is located on a site along the main road into the historical town of Neunstein, in the region of Baden-Wurttemberg. A context-specific stone wall delineates the site, leads to the level of the yard space, which is elevated in respect to the latter. The original building was obsolete in its form and architectural language; therefore the design team pursued the strategy of creating a new building and grouping it tighter with the other structures around the production courtyard. The expansion is linked to the existing administrative building by a glassed-in bridge which allows a functioning connection between the two administrative office areas.

The new building contains office spaces and assembly room, comprising 1,800 sq.m. of usable space. The ground floor is accessed from the court, transforming the basement level to a fully-usable floor with natural light and an orientation to the street. In contrast to the office building's three-story volume, the one-story glass design of the entrance pavilion creates a high, airy space with a gallery. The glass pavilion offers a view on to the gentle hilly slopes of the region.In the interior, space been designed with flexible partition walls to allow for future changes in the number and size of office. The interior of the entrance pavilion is in exposed concrete showing the basic construction of the building.The materials and their detailing speaks a minimal and clean language.

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bostjan, April 5th, 2014
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