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Marina Stankovic Architekten

Berlin, Germany
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Stankovic Architekten BDA was established in 1986 in Berlin, Germany, with the aim of providing a full range of architectural services. The practice is committed to achieving design excellence, leadership and cost control on each client project. The firm has provided services for the private, developer, professional/corporate, non-profit and public sectors. Services have ranged from interior renovations to large-scale public projects and urban design and planning studies.Stankovic Architekten BDA believes in an integrative and participatory planning process, where elements such as contextuality, neighborhood, spatial relationships and aesthetics, as well as material and structural technology and environmental sustainability are vitally important. Architecture is shaped by a continuous dialogue between all of these elements. The strength of such relationships defines the quality of an architectural project and its significance in creating spaces for its users.

Stankovic Architekten BDA engages the entire project team - comprising client, architect, engineers, construction managers and others - in a creative search for solutions that achieve project goals, satisfy economic requirements and make the most of technical possibilities. Throughout the process, the primary aim is to create value, a sense of identity, and sustainable solutions.

Marina Stankovic has 20 years of experience as an architect, with an extensive portfolio in creative design of interiors, buildings and urban planning. She has lived and worked in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and Germany. Ms. Stankovic has special expertise in design with emphasis on the spatial and social context, conceptually and innovatively sustainable project solutions, and a client-specific approach to project planning and coordination. In addition to the work in her practice, Prof. Stankovic has taught in both national and international institutions. Her work has been widely exhibited and published. In 2001-2002 she was a Loeb Fellow at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Since 2005, Prof. Stankovic holds a chair of architecture, interior and product design at the University of Applied Sciences HTWK in Leipzig.

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Berlin, Germany
bostjan, April 16th, 2014
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