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Crichton, McKay and Haughton

Wellington, New Zealand
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Plans of Ludlam Residence, 1935

Crichton, McKay and Haughton were a prominent architectural firm in the 1920s and were responsible for a number of Wellington's commercial buildings such as the Huddart Parker Building (1923), the Dominion Building (1926-1927), as well as a number of domestic residences. They also designed the ASB Bank Building in Napier.


William Crichton (1862-1928, James Hector McKay (d. 1944) and Vivian Haughton (1891-1956) were the founding partners of the practice.

William Crichton was born in England in 1862, he trained as an architect before immigrating to New Zealand in 1879. Upon his arrival he joined the Colonial Architects Office. In 1891 he established his own architectural firm and later, in 1901, joined with James Hector McKay to form the firm Crichton and McKay.

McKay was in partnership with Robert Roy MacGregor from 1898-1901. It was with the addition of Vivian Haughton in the 1920s the firm became Crichton, McKay & Haughton.

In 1935 Haughton went into partnership with William McKeon (1896-1973). In 1952 Haughton established Haughton and Sons, which was later joined by Lindsay Mair, the son of the former government architect John Mair. Following Haughton's death in 1956, the firm became Haughton and Mair. Eventually, by the 1980s, it became Bulleyment Fortune architects.

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Wellington, New Zealand
alicelee, November 4th, 2013
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