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Mamaia Casino

Mamaia, Romania
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The Mamaia Casino was designed by architect Victor G. Stephanescu, on the spot of a former Victorian-style wooden pavilion on the beach of the Mamaia seaside resort. Since the previous ensemble had burnt down in 1919 and replaced with a modest pavilion in 1924, the local authorities requested a modern and durable facility. Hence Stephanescu proposed a modern complex in Art Deco style, with an elegant casino building and adjacent facilities in the form of beach cabins and a concrete pier with slides, two wharfs for small boats and a terrace-bar at its very end.

The construction for the main pavilion began on April 1st 1934 and was completed three month later. The building was hosting at the ground floor a restaurant, shops, a police office and telephone booths, sanitary facilities in the semi-basement and a dancehall and the manager's private suite at the upper level.In the spring of 1935, the construction for the beach facilities began. 182 symmetrically disposed beach cabins were added, together with a 130m long concrete pier. Art Deco landscaping completed the picture of a very modern and popular seaside ensemble.

Currently a listed building, the Mamaia Casino was privatised by two companies that do not quite respect its value. Currently covered by adverts and deserted, while the concrete pier is in an advanced erosion state, this fine example of Art Deco architecture is unfortunately slowly decaying.

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mirunadunu, March 29th, 2018
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