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Budva and Herceg Novi

Budva, Montenegro
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We can only describe the southern parts of Montenegro as a huge potential, both sociologically and economically, economically, as well as architecturally. At the end of the 19th century, architecture in the surrounding parts of Budva and Herceg Novi became an integral part of the culture of these cities. The alibi for building the municipalities at that time was the social prosperity that was recognized. The society "grew" and created an environment through the implementation of its own knowledge and knowledge of architecture, tradition and crafts.Budva and Herceg Novi were recognized for the construction of hotels and traditional coastal houses. After the catastrophic earthquake in 1979, the entire coast of the former Socialist Federation of the Republic of Yugoslavia was destroyed and devastated. Some renovations did not contribute to the reconstruction of the city's former landmarks, so they were left in ruins or completely removed from the site. In these places, the Government, in consultation with the Architects of Compromise, comes to very constructive solutions.Today, after the complete disintegration and division of the former SFRY, on the territory of today's state of Montenegro, on the Locations of Herceg Novi and Budva, not only buildings without any purpose are being built, but buildings whose justification is quasi-modern architecture and the main reason is the time of transition. individual, which all leads to a complete devastation of the cultural heritage and prosperity of the southern region. Just some examples of the old town of Budva and surrounding locations that are overcrowded with meaningless hotel units, although there are already older hotels that only need a little care, investors opt for weird, low-budget hotel units that, when it is not the season, turn into administrative centers. As for Herceg Novi, the current government allowed the complete devastation of the former Austro-Hungarian camp and prison on the island of Lastavica or better known to the people as Mamula, and as for the city architecture, it is in the same way ruined compared to Budva. The question is, what will be the alibi for the next building to be designed on the site of cultural heritage when the places in the city matrices run out?

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drago, December 4th, 2020
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