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Niko Rolovic Gymnasium Park

Bar, Montenegro
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Front yard of gymnasium in Bar, Montenegro once was a public space with small amphiteatres and treelines. It was an identity mark, and a big part of a student social life. Also, over the time, it became an important factor of every high-school graduation party. But, when the need for a new kinder-garden apeared, it was time for citizens to meet architectural alibi.

In the early morning of 01.17.2019. more than eighty hundred-year-old cypress trees were cut. The question remains, did the repurpose of land planned for building a new kinder-garden building lead to this reckless act? The act could be taken as a good example of how private investor interests sometimes menage to cause irrevocable damage.

For local citizens the scene was hard to watch. Making up alibis makes permanent consequences, and the locals were aware of it, and started protesting. In the end the building was stopped, but damage is most certainly notable.

Alibi does not belong to architecture. Concepts do.

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kataarina, December 4th, 2020
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