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Hotel Crna Gora

Podgorica, Montenegro
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Hotel "Crna Gora" was built in 1953. according to the project of the architect Vukasin Popovic, and with its construction began the development of the modern hotel industry in Montenegro.

This hotel of Montenegrin culture attracted many visitors for decades. By the arriving in Montenegrin capital, there was no person who would not at least drink coffee in the famous garden or spending the night in one of the greatest symbols of Podgorica. It consisted of the catering offer of the hotel, in addition to accommodation of 129 rooms, consisted of a restaurant, aperitif bar, recognizible stone terrace, four congress halls.

Hotel Montenegro was more than a hotel. At the time of the NATO bombing in 1999 it was called Casablanca, as a place where information was obtained and transmitted among numerous domestic and foreign journalists who were reporting from the Montenegrin capital at the time. The old hotel was a place where some of the most important news, such as the result of the independence referendum, were expected in Montenegro in May 2006. Montenegrins specially loved the stone that once decorated the facade and originates from the island of Brac in Croatia.

It is demolished in 2013. by a local company and replaced in 2015 by a large building with the signature of the famous Hilton hotel chain. Even the investitor claimed that it will keep the spirit of the Hotel Crna Gora, in reality, it just faked its identity.

The resentment of the local citizen for demolishing something that is considered the cultural heritage of socialism, did not made the responsables think twice of decision to build. There was no concept. It was the perfect alibi providing an "urban upgrade". Did we turn the blind eye?

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marijalazovic, December 4th, 2020
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