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Cultural Center Gojko Krapovic

Budva, Montenegro
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Cultural Center was built in 1966. In this building there was a library of town and cinema. The building is better known as "Zeta film". That was only cultural center in Budva.

Over the years, the building had been changing its appearance and function. In 1979. there was an earthquake that damaged Cultural Center and many books were destroyed, so library had to be relocated.In 1986, the library moved to the reconstructed building of the Cultural Center Gojko Krapovic into a customised ground floor space. The only movie production company in Montenegro, "Zeta film", registered in the cadastre the entire building and charged rent to all cultural institutions, including the Information Centre. From these funds "Zeta Film" financially secured its work. During the years, huge funds were given for lease of the premises in which the Library was located.In 2004. the Center was sold to a local businessman and all cultural institutions located inside the building were relocated. The new purpose of building was in interest of the new owner. Disco, beauty salons and betting shop replaced cultural content.

In 2018., the whole Center had been demolished and now ten floors Condo Hotel is in its place. Construction of this hotel worth three million euros. The Condo Hotel does not fit into the context. It is close to the sea, and all the buildings in that area are lower floors, so this hotel extremely spoils the existing view. There are so many hotels in Budva and there was no need to demolish the only Cultural Center for a new hotel.

Elite tourism an alibi for destruction of cultural center?

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andjelabubanja, December 4th, 2020
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