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Porto Montenegro

Tivat, Montenegro
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Porto Montenegro is reconstructed brownfiled in Boka Kotorska, Montenegro. In 1900s it was war harbor and it represented economy trigger for Boka Kotorska. This place was the workplace of hundreds of workers. Because of political situation and sanctions in Jugoslavija, it had to be closed.

Private invesors saw an opportunity and wanted to rebuild this place into a luxury marina. Peter Monk is the lider of these investors. Thanks to them, Porto Montenegro became a popular turistic destination. The alibi for reconstructing this place into ultramodern marine is that it kept original purpose with more modern character, and it also helped Boka Kotorska to develop. Without this project future of Boka Kotorska would not be bright as it is now. The Boka region, the third tourist cluster of Montenegro, is planned for the development of high-profile tourism, and that Potro Montenegro is recognized as a trigger is shown by an excerpt from the state plan for 2020: "Realization of the Porto Montenegro Project" in Tivat, will encourage investments in the development of others region. Potential that this place had before building Porto Montenegro was big. It could be reconstructed in a really different way, and serve locacal people and all types of turists. But it is the fact that this kind of project for high-profile turists brought many positive things for Boka Kotorska and Montenegro. The main source for Montenegrian budget is tourisam. So that is the reason why country needs to have something to offer for all kind off tourists.

Porto Montenego, the glamorous marina destination masterplanned and designed by ReardonSmith, welcomed its first residents, visitors and superyachts in the summer of 2010. Since then, the practice has continued to work on successive phases of residential, retail and hotel development, the most recent of which are the Ksenija Residences offering a direct water frontage and exceptional panoramas across the Bay of Kotor. Montenegro as very traditional state in its structure is not overly elastic for innovations and changes, so it is created repulsive atmosphere. In contrast to such an atmosphere, Porto Montenegro residences are being built one by one, the marina is filling up bringing with it a clientele of a new kind for the region, a hotel is being built, business is developing and the benefits are clearly reflected on the city through jobs, bringing in foreign capital microsystem and increasing the quality of tourism and tourists, the first significant corporate responsible projects from the private sector, and these are not only short-term but instant benefits.

Estimation Porto Montenegro project staff is between 800 and 1,160 people.Adriatic Marinas is already one of the largest employers in Montenegro, and after the realization full growth of Porto Montenegro, the number of employees in the marina and the resort will be over 3000. For a small town like Tivat, which according to MONSTAT had about 14,000 inhabitants on in the last census, that impact is huge and almost incalculable. After closing old harbor, this place was abandoned and lost It's purpose, and now it represents Montenegro as really popular and modern turistic place. Maybe now it is giving a false image about Montenegro as a highly modern country , but isn't every ultramodern place at least a little bit fake?

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edita, December 3rd, 2020
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