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BS 7 (also called as Ruski car) is a block settlement in the northern part of Ljubljana, built in the early 1970's, on the agricultural land of nearby villages Jezica and Stozice. The neighborhood consists of three main streets Bratovseva ploscad, Glinskova ploscad and Muchar street. It is situated near main Dunajska road, which comes from the city centre. Near is also the unfinished Stadium Stozice.

The BS 7 neighborhood was built in socialist times on the former agricultural areas. By building a block settlement, the villages finally connected with the city of Ljubljana and slowly began to lose their rural identity. The neighborhood was designed as a megastructure along the two streets, which are its main motive. Urbanists wanted to test the dynamic method of planning. The street and square were two of the city's leading motives. An important element of the neighborhood is a park with trees. The neighborhood was designed by Marjan Bezan, Braco Music and Nives Starc, who won the competition in 1967. The neighborhood silhouette follows the structure of the Alps in the background. The design includes views of surrounding dominants. Despite the fact that the central motif of the neighborhood is unfinished, it represents one of the highest quality examples of a high-rise building in Slovenia. Its design is based on the Swedish and Danish architecture. After the construction, the number of inhabitants in this area has grown remarkably. People from all parts of Slovenia and other places of the then then Yugoslavia were starting to immigrate.

In the neighborhood there are several catering facilities, shops, business premises and rooms for other activities. There is also an international elementary school, a library and a pharmacy in the settlement.

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bostjan, August 26th, 2017
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