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Murgle Settlement

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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In the 1960, the widespread construction of cooperative flats in Slovenia triggered the development of compact individual urban complexes in the hope that they would become a viable alternative to the high-rise apartment buildings that prevailed at that time. A campaign "apartments made to our measure" was launched by a group of architects in 1956 and resulted in the first prefabricated houses in Ljubljana designed by Danilo Furst.

In 1965, architectural competitions were held to determinate plans for an entire residential settlement in Murgle at the edge of the Ljubljana marshes. A plan submitted by France Ivansek and Marta Ivansek, which articulated low, densely placed houses shaped to suit the low bearing capacity of the ground of this area, won the competition. In terms of its overall urban approach, the Murgle settlement attempts to make a connection from the city to the marsh landscape of canals bordered with trees. It is composed of building sites measuring approximately 35 atrium houses and connecting pathways for pedestrians. Car traffic is thus limited to peripheral roads lined with parking lots and garages. The relatively uniform network of building is enlivened with group of trees. The settlement was built in several phases over a period of 30 years. Although the basic architectural elements remained unchanged, some of the modest prefabricated houses defined in the original plan were substituted with larger houses constructed with traditional methods. The quality of architecture itself is less important than the quality of living environment. Today, Murgle is consider to be a prestigious residential neighborhood on a par with similar Scandinavian models.

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bostjan, July 20th, 2017
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