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Edo Mihevc

, Slovenia
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Edo Mihevc (July 8th, 1911-June 4th, 1985) was a Slovenian urban planner, architect and designer. He was in the forefront of Slovenian modern architecture after the World War II and was one of Joze Plecnik's students that separated from his method of artistic creation, thus embarking on a path of self-expression and search for harmonising modernism, regionalism and humanist philosophy.

The importance of his contribution to Slovenian architecture and culture is presented in a perspective of his multi-faceted activity focusing on his role as urban planner of the Slovenian coastline. Particular pieces of his opus are presented in the perspective of the time of construction, usage and architectural value, while their importance and role of ideas and trends are shown through his work. In the light of contemporary doctrines on protection of cultural heritage, timely evaluation and minimal protection has to be given even to his architectural masterpieces from the recent past.

For his work, he won the 1969 Preseren Award, among many others. His most prominent professional accomplishments in Slovenia include: the preservation of regional characteristics and architecture in the Slovenian coastal region, application of contemporary architectural achievements to buildings in Ljubljana, design of innovative architectural and construction details with special emphasis on the promotion of Slovenian industry and craft, and a unique, one-off and innovative urban and interior design, as well as the design of monuments.

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, Slovenia
lacuna, July 18th, 2020
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