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Monument on Cvibelj Hill

Zuzemberk, Slovenia
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Notable Slovenian designer Marjan Tepina was granted the commission to create the complex. The primary element of the complex is a 15m tall aluminum tri-point obelisk standing on top of a 10m tall pedestal. In a crypt underneath the site is interred the remains of hundreds of the Slovene Partisans who fought across the Suha Krajina and for the liberation of Zuzemberk. This is the largest Partisan tomb in Slovenia. Originally, the monument's pedestal was polished black granite and much thinner, having the name of the fallen Partisans engraved directly on it. However, in 1988 the complex was renovated, with the pedestal widened and the engraved names being moved to inscribed standing stone panels adjacent to the monument.

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bostjan, May 22nd, 2019
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