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Basle, Switzerland
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This treehouse was built amidst four fir trees in a private garden in a suburb of Basel, Switzerland. The client wished to have a point on his property which enabled him to see the city of Basel and the distant mountains of France. After climbing up three staircases and two landings, one arrives at the upper terrace and the cabin 12 meters above the ground. From this terrace, the overwhelming sensation of height is offset by a comforting veil of branches.

The cabin is shaped like a cube and covered with a free pattern of copper sheets. Later on, it will lose its bright metallic shine and become almost invisible among the trees. The use of oil-treated oak in the interior and grey wool felt gives the room a warm atmosphere. A wide glass wall opens to the terrace, while windows in the walls and ceiling give views to all directions. All levels have a soft illumination in the darkness.

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  1. Baumraum
gemazzz, June 12th, 2013
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