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Auto Terminal Silos

Trieste, Italy
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In 1982 the municipality of Trieste was able to buy the head-building on Piazza della Libertà from the Sate Railway ownership. The intention there was to develop thesite into a bus terminal, a parking and commercial spaces next to the main station. Semerani-Tamaro won the competition for that site in 1985 and in 1986 they had already handed-in all plans for their project. The building on the piazza was the first one to be complete, since the only remaining parts of it were the structural elements, having suffered from a huge fire in 1971.

The main idea of the entire project is that the terminal would maintain its own structure and act as an independent building as the perimeter structural walls which contains it. The only connections between the new prefabricated concrete terminal structure and the old walls is given by the core towers with lift and stairs situated on the four corners of the building. The roof of the building is made entirely out of an iron structure and supports a repetitive pitched roof that reminds of an industrial one.

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bostjan, November 19th, 2023
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