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Sazan Island, Albania
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Sazan is the only island in Albania. Located 17km off the coast of the southern city of Vlora, the relationship between Sazan and the mainland has always been one shrouded in mystery-- so near yet unattainable. While it was nearly impossible for regular citizens to even approach it due to its strategic military role throughout history, at its peak the island was home to a population of over 3000 servicemen and their families, with 2 primary schools, a hospital complex, and several neighbourhoods.

With the fall of the communist regime in 1991, the island became completely uninhabited, leaving dozens of buildings, kilometres of underground tunnels, and thousands of concrete bunkers haunting the hills and beaches of the island. Art(i)leria is the reawakening of the island of Sazan as an experimental playground for design, architecture, and visual arts. How can decolonizing military infrastructure become the bridge of connection and dialogue between cultures scarred by conflict?

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bostjan, February 12th, 2019
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