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Gabu Hendl Architektur

Vienna, Austria
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Gabu Heindl is an architect and urbanist in Vienna operating at the intersection of architecture, research, art and urban planning. Her studio GABU Heindl Architektur specializes in architectural concepts and realizations of public interventions, cultural or social buildings and urban planning. Her projects have been awarded and exhibited internationally.

Politics of Remembrance in Public Space

Gabu Heindl's work and writing especially relate to the politics of remembrance in public space, to the history and politics of (counter-) hegemonic urbanism and solidarity as planning parameter. She is organizer and curator of exhibitions, lectures and symposia in her capacity as chair of the Austrian Society for Architecture in Vienna. Heindl teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She is the author or (co-)editor of numerous publications in books and journals such as "Arbeit Zeit Raum, Bilder und Bauten der Arbeit im Postfordismus (2008), "Just Architecture", ERA21 (1.2012), or position alltag - architecture in the context of everyday life (HDA 2009).

Office Philosophy

GABUHeindl Architecture says yes and no: Yes to the design of public buildings and infrastructures, cultural and educational buildings. No to chauvinistic, racist or discriminatory architecture, to exploitative project proposals, suburbanizing single-family houses or speculative buildings. It specializes in the realization of public cultural and social buildings, urban planning studies and planning as well as research and publications on planning policy and public space. All projects are positioned in the urban cultural environment from film, art, theater and music to kindergarten, school building and social housing.

Architecture is not a pure service, but an analytical design of the environment; this includes self-initiated research projects, lectures and writing as well as productive disputes, whether informally or in public discussions and in teaching.

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Vienna, Austria
  1. GABU Heindl Architektur
bostjan, November 26th, 2023
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